About Us

Our approach is premised on the development & use of out-of-the-box, dynamic concepts for Brand Development, Marketing & Communications, Creative Executions, Digital Media Marketing, Public Relations, Experiential Marketing etc.

We are strategically located within close vicinity of the Central Business District at Bukoto-Kisaasi Road, Plot 416. Since inception in May 2013, Jerome Brothers has garnered considerable experience in Brand Development, Creative Executions, Advertising, Digital Media Marketing, Public Relations and Events. This has molded us into one of the fastest growing and most effective advertising agencies in the country.

Our work is typified by dynamic and fresh perspectives in the realms of advertising and PR to give our clients an edge over their competition using fresh and latest trends.


Brand exposure at its best

Creativity - Dependability - Excellence - Cultured - Teamwork - Timeless - Uniqueness


To be the market leader in advertising and Public Relations in the region


  • To offer our clients unique and effective services in advertising and Public Relations
  • To ensure that our clients gain substantial edge over their competition
  • To set the pace in advertising and Public Relations using a more dynamic and fresh perspective